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Finally, my sponsorship products arrived and contract signed as official player. Thank you very much for trust and believe in me, Teh Wae Ken Target Malaysia & PDM, Mr Adrian, Target Sports Japan Limited, for giving me opportunity to join the big family. It's a great brand and products and I believe, it will give me alot of good experience to use the products and be part of the brand TARGET and 8Flight. I'll do my best as an player, also to promote it to all among my friends and teammates. Thank you to LULF Custom Sports Wear, Mr SeungHeum Na Ning Hsieh for sponsoring this great jersey and also the efforts on desig, I liked it very much. Nevertheless, I also would like to thank my family, for support all these while on my darts journey, my wife Mika Jessy, my beloved ILD teammates, and all senior Target Malaysia official players , Lai Kok Foong Jet Foong Beny Kong Michelle Leong Ming, Edison Phung Cheng Weng Kin
Lastly, I would like to wish everyone, to be careful, and take good care as we're currently facing (COVID-19). May everyone pass through the epidemic safely. Step back. Stay home. Slow the spread.
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